White Trash Cooking

Plain Food Can

It's a way of life. A devotion to the can. A willingness to accept and embrace the fact that sometimes processed is okay (the key word here is “sometimes,” an apple or two won't hurt you either). White Trash Cooking with Stacie & Doug is devoted to helping YOU become a White Trash Cook (WTC)—full of recipes and tips to get you on your way.

Learning to Cook the White Trash Way

Here's the thing about claiming yourself a WTC, all the pressure is gone. You get invited to a fancy cocktail party, you don't have to feel bad about using frozen pastry for your baked brie. You go to a picnic, don't bring the dish with ingredients that take you a month to find (no one will eat it anyway), bring the cheesy potatoes—people love that stuff. We all have it in us but most are too chichi to admit it. Not you, you embrace it. Cream of Mushroom soup at your side, you're ready to tackle the world.