Stacie & Doug

Stacie Ross and Doug Crouch are graphic designers who live and work in Cleveland. We happen to be married and have two young boys, Cameron and Wyatt, Home Canned Vegtables who sometimes enjoy our finely tuned WTC skills and sometimes respond by throwing it on the floor. Our tiny yard has just enough room for an itty-bitty garden which provides enough vegetables to actually do some home canning (Stacie's inner hippy coming out). Stacie recently started her own graphic design business. Doug works at Kichler Lighting.

How it Started

As many great ideas are born, our blog was started to harass a friend. White Trash Cooking with Stacie & Doug is dedicated to our good friend and former food professional, Eric Lowrey, who, despite his chichi background, has some seriously good WTC recipes himself (as I was proofing this web page, Eric called me with an idea for brussels sprout casserole which involves noodles, brussels sprouts, white beans, smoked cheddar and bacon on top. Stay tuned for the recipe...).

Turns out, the blog is a really easy way to find our own recipes and share with friends so we attempt to keep it up. We get lots of recipe submissions from friend and fellow WTC, Dana Ross (thanks, Dana!).

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