Tips & Tricks
from the WTC Experts

Here are a few things we have figured out over the years.

Cook Big

We are big fans of cooking a lot and eating leftovers. We have also learned that certain foods freeze well, in particular soups (especially anything with beans in it), stuffed peppers and homegrown spices.

Raw Turkey in a Roasting Pan

Buy Your Turkey after Thanksgiving

We always host Thanksgiving because, as mentioned above, we are big fans of leftovers. Well, in 2008 we woke the day after Thanksgiving to find that someone (Doug) left the turkey out. Tragedy? No. We turned our lemons into lemonade (Kool-Aid, not the real lemon kind of course). Turns out the day after Thanksgiving you can get a fresh 20 lb. turkey for $5.84. We have a deep freezer—I bought four.

Host Easter

If you think you would like to host a family holiday but are a little intimidated, Easter is the way to go. Seriously easy. Make the ham and when your guests ask the obligatory, “What can I bring?” assign them a side dish... “Oh, and do you mind bringing a bottle of wine too.” Done. You look like a hero and you'll have a bunch of wine leftover because families don't drink much (at least mine doesn't). If you're ready to host Easter, visit the blog for our full set of Easter recipes.

Fatty Foods and Alcohol

Here's the dirty secret about WTC, it's not very healthy. So what do you do? Drink beer or wine with your meal to help thin down the blood that the fats and salt are trying to thicken. Problem solved.